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About Us

Hebi Bread Chemicals Co., Ltd. is located in Baoshan Industrial Agglomeration Zone (Province-level Chemical Park) of Hebi City in Henan Province, with a total area of 78,706 square meters (66,700 square meters reserved for development). Established and founded in March 2015 with a registered capital of CNY 114.29 million, our company is a high-tech enterprise integrating the research and development and production of pesticides and pharmaceutical intermediates. Now, our company has 290 employees and has a number of senior technical and management personnel in safety, environmental protection, R&D experiments, chemical analysis, process engineering, chemical equipment and instrument automation.   

Our company has the mature production technology, involving etherization, acidification, chlorination, nitrification and other synthesis processes. There are three production plants built in accordance with the regulations; safety facilities such as DCS, one-key parking system, and fire control center are built in accordance with the regulations; water treatment and environmental protection facilities such as three-effect evaporation, anaerobic and aerobic biochemical system, and online monitoring are built in accordance with the regulations; Comprehensive treatment facilities such as waste gas collection, line edge pretreatment, and VOCS are built in accordance with the regulations too. Now, our company is in a state of safe and environmentally friendly production up to standard, and its operations are good.

Our company has built a R&D implementation room and a laboratory and analysis room, which are equipped with liquid and gas phase laboratory and analytical equipment; through improving the operating procedures for laboratory and analysis of raw materials, central control and products, etc., we have a good ability to ensure that the whole production process is controlled, product quality is guaranteed, and customer requirements are met. Our R&D laboratory is equipped with a complete set of 100L experimental equipment to optimize the synthesis process, and then improve product yield and quality to ensure operational stability, ensure safety and reliability, and ensure the feasibility of environmental protection compliance.

Our products are advanced in the industry and competitive in the market; thus we can achieve annual sales of CNY 500 million, and then create excellent returns for the country, employees and investors.

Our company attaches great importance to training work; adhering to the refined, lean and standardized management policy, and taking focus, professionalism, improvement, and results as action concepts, our company continuously builds our execution force and combat effectiveness to ensure that the company can continue to produce and operate in a green, environmentally friendly, safe and reliable way.

Our company also attaches great importance to talents, and establishes a competitive salary system to combine high-paying recruitment with independent training. In order to ensure the long-term sustainable development of our company and the ability of talents to be recruited and retained, our company has established a mechanism for cultivating and recruiting business partners to make individuals closely linked to the company's development.

Looking forward to the future, we are full of confidence, ideals and passion! With the mission of creating a century-old enterprise and building a century-old brand, Baoruide people carry glory and dreams to cast integrity Baoruide, culture Baoruide, and technology Baoruide; With the spirit of perseverance, we are committed to building a world brand and achieving a century of brilliance for the enterprise!